Lersson 6- Tone-mapping HDRs (Now Available!)

Lesson 6 is hugely important and IMO the most well presented lesson so far. At 95 minutes long I explain the exact process for starting a new scene from scratch, camera matching the backplate and tone mapping the HDRI to perfectly sit a source object into the scene. 
I am going to contact Maground to see if I can organise a free promotion for Mastering V-Ray subscribers

Mastering V-Ray Competition!

Check out the competition page for more details.
From May 1st to May 22nd, Mastering V-Ray subscribers have a chance to show off their skills and knowledge learned on the course to go into the running to win $1000 in prizes as well as a couple of Mastering Hard Surface subscriptions.

5/2/14- Vray 3.0 for 3dsMax released!

The wait is finally over! Visit the product page to see all the amazing new features I've been testing in the 3.0 Beta.
I was happy to be a part of the development phase with a few of my suggestions making it into the initial release with a couple others set for release with the first service pack

2/2/14- Lesson 3 Out now!

Mastering Vray Lesson 3 is out now and covers advanced optimization on a scene Peter Guthrie has graciously provided for everybody.

I managed to get the render times reduced by at least 25% with a further improvement in quality over the settings Guthrie used called the "universal settings"

Vlado has suggested to use those settings for the last few years so I'm extremely happy to finally bury the confusion.
Please head on over to Peters website and check out his amazing portfolio.


02/1/14- Lesson 2 Recap

In the build up to creating advanced materials Lesson 2 gets the ball rolling on my custom method for producing realistic shaders.

In this lesson, subscribers can find out how to effectively layer materials with a physically accurate approach that will put you a step ahead of the best.


22/11/13- Lesson 1- Getting Started

Let's begin! Before wasting ANY time on creative work you absolutely must have  a concrete understanding of how Vray is working under the hood so welcome to a new age of understanding!


Hard Surface WIP: Tore

I've finally started my new character, Tore!
Here is a small Wip.

06/2/14- John O'connell : Sampling for Archviz artists in Vray 2.4

In case you haven't seen enough about optimising Vray, John O'Connell has produced an awesome FREE 90 minute Tutorial going into even more detail on interior archviz scenes, typically the type of environment that produces dreadful render times.
John and I have been working on clearing up the confusion  about Vray for the last year on the forums and this video is another step in the right direction!
Get a cup of coffee ready and attack the video over at Vimeo!



6/2/14- Monthly Interview

Head over to the blog to see my interview with close friend and amazingly talented sculptor Aleks Kirilenko discuss his origins in the industry and the psychological barriers that often hold us back from reaching our true potential.

4/2/14- Mastering Hard Surface- Q4 2014

For many years now I've been getting requests to create more Hard Surface courses and I'm happy to finally say I'll be offering one later this year when Mastering Vray finishes up.
If you have any questions or requests you'd like to make about the course send me an email
Pre sales will go live in a couple of months at a greatly reduced price

New website live!

I've worked really hard to bring subscribers an open and easy to use platform for the Mastering Vray course as well as a centralised location for my portfolio and blog.
I hope you enjoy the look and feel of everything, any suggestions, just send me an email to